I am the @BHFuturist¬†, my kids just call me dad, as an author I would like to be just C. M. Perry and I am encouraged¬†by the possibilities¬†of what the future holds for humanity. ¬†That is a wonderful feeling of hope. ¬†People use “I” a lot in any introduction, but once you get to know me, you will see that I am more interested in sharing with you! ¬†I want to help you learn to embrace the bright hope for your future!

¬†This Blog is still new so stay tuned for more every few days! I also work full-time…

Disclaimer: My comments, are always, only ever intended as “food for thought” or to present my non-authoritative viewpoints. I really am a calm, rational and reasonable guy, once you get to know me. I do not intend offense of any kind, should I seem to disagree with you or anyone else on any subject.